Nights Out on the Town in Westland

Westland offers some of the best nightlife attractions in the Metro Detroit area. Whether it's a five-star meal, a casual night out at a bar or even a night out at a dance club, you can find all you need for nighttime entertainment in Westland.

Ashely's Beer & Grill of Westland

Originally from Ann Arbor, Ashely's Beer & Grill has a fabulous Westland location. From the food to the excellent craft beer selections, Ashely's is perfect for a night out on the town in Westland. They have nearly 20 beers on tap, from standard domestic to rare microbrews from the local area. The food here is great too. For super hungry bellies, the Texan burger is sure to please. It comes loaded with bacon, onion straws and tons of BBQ sauce. Another crowd favorite here is their fish and chips. They even offer mussels, which smell almost as good as they taste.

Malarkey's Irish Pub

While the Metro Detroit Area is full of Irish pubs, Malarkey's in Westland is one of the best options. The ambiance here is classic Irish style, dim, a little loud and totally welcoming. They're also a sports bar, so be sure to catch a Wing's game here during the season. It gets wild, especially during playoffs! For a bite to eat with your drink, order put the appetizers, they're definitely enough to fill up one to two people. The "Triple Play Platter" is always a safe bet. Pick between your choice of three dishes, mini burgers, buffalo chicken tender, potato skins and a few other options.

Stryker's Bar & Grill

With a beautiful marble bar, a great staff and a huge dance floor, Stryker's is a must-go for a night out on the town in Westland. They also have several pool tables and host karaoke on most weekend nights. If you like dark liquor, this is the place to go. They serve nearly every kind of variety Jack and Jim Beam have, and their vodka specials definitely make up for the upper hand they give to whiskey.

Tap's Bar and Grill

The main advantage Tap's Bar and Grill as over other Westland locations is their love for live music. Almost every Saturday night they host a rock band. They're also great with specials, especially their Friday Fish Fry. Since their main nights are weekends, they're also a great option for a cheap night out during the week. If you're into football, be sure to come for their Monday and Thursday Night Football specials. Depending on the course of the game, you can even get a beer for a dollar!

Emergency Room Bar and Grill

For some of the best specials in Westland, the Emergency Room is your best bet. The food here is amazing, particularly the pizza. On Tuesdays, you can get a large pizza with unlimited toppings for just $4! And Thursdays, they offer a half-pound burger for $2. You literally cannot find a better, cheaper burger in all of the Detroit area. For drinks, be sure to visit on Monday when they offer $1 drafts.