Sporting Events/Concerts in Westland

While Westland doesn't offer a ton of options for sporting events and concerts, Downtown Detroit is just a half hour's drive away. However, being a suburb of HockeyTown, there are plenty of ice rinks in the immediate area.

Sporting Events

One Pride!

Although the Lions are far from their heyday, a Sunday game at Ford Field is always an exciting event. Situated in the heart of Downtown Detroit, Ford's Field is a relatively new addition to the cityscape. The stadium is enclosed, and when the Lions are doing good in their season, it easily fills up to it maximum 65,000 capacity. There's also a host of music event that take place at Ford Field, some of the bigger names being Madonna and Taylor Swift, who has played there three times in the past four years.

HockeyTown, Michigan

While the Lions have let down Detroit fans plenty, the Red Wings never disappoint. The team has made it to the playoffs for the past 24 seasons in a row, by far the most successful hockey team around, the second place Penguins only being on a 9 season streak. In other words, the Red Wings are definitely the Yankees of hockey. If you can come across playoff tickets, which is not easy, Joe Louis is the place to be during the playoff season. Detroit fans really know how to pump up their hockey team. See our friends for other options with a Red Wings Party Bus.

How about Them Tigers?

Just a stone's throw away from Ford Field, the Tigers' Comerica Park is a beautiful ballpark with an even more beautiful view of the Downtown Detroit's skyline. While the Tigers are fairly middle of the road (nowhere near as bad as the Lions or as good as the Red Wings), they have some of the most intense fans in all of sports. So if you're planning on catching a ballgame here, join the crowd and be ready to show your support for the team.

Concert Venues

The Fillmore Detroit

A Detroit fixture since 1925, the Fillmore is Detroit's hottest venue. Some of the most popular music acts play at the Fillmore for their Detroit concerts. Names like Kid Cudi, Miley Cyrus, and the Deftones have all graced the Fillmore's stage. For after-show entertainment, there are tons of bars and restaurants in the vicinity. The Centaur, Harry's Detroit Bar and the Detroit Beer Co. are all within walking distance.

Masonic Temple

Another Detroit staple since the early 1920s, the Masonic Temple is one of Detroit most beautiful pieces of architecture. While there are a lot of music and performance acts, what's great about the Masonic Temple is that you can rent it out for nearly any party you can think of. Be it a seminar, a banquet or a private concert, hosting it at the Masonic is is one the classiest options you can make in Detroit.

The Token Lounge

Westland proper's most popular venue, the Token Lounge hosts everything from concerts and dance parties to even wrestling matches. Past events include metal icons like Hawthorne Heights, 36 Crazyfists and Alien Ant Farm. While it's almost 100% rock music, it isn't all metal. On Thursday nights they host their "blues jams".